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We are a Winnipeg agency focused on helping business owners with their digital marketing needs.

What We Do

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We take a big task off your plate.  

We help your business with all your digital marketing needs and we keep it relevant in the online world.


We push you to keep focused in running your business while we maintain your digital presence, effective and unique to your market segment.

Why? Because we love social media, branding and digital marketing.  Because we love to help businesses to present themselves in a way that inspires and builds trust and confidence in their products and services.

Who We Are


Val Benevet. Founder & CEO

Val was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Canada when she was 23.

Passionate about Business, Marketing and Design, Val decided to spread her wings and found Dashboard Media Agency in 2016.

She says: "As a business owner or self-employed individual you find yourself wearing many hats. Being a social media expert doesn’t have to be one of them.  We offer project management services that will help you and your business with all your digital marketing needs"

Following her ability to single out trends, Val combined her creative sense and her entrepreneurial intuition into something special.


Goldie Yudelevich. Collaborator

Goldie has been passionately engaged in helping others bridge the gap between their ideas  and how they actually represent visually. 


Corporate design, freelancing and non-profit work has shaped her into a creative multicultural designer.


Born in Mexico and proudly Manitoban, she loves communication-through-art and branding that speaks volumes.

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